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Dear Mor


Sandra&Russel | השיחה נפתחה  לפני 9 שנים
Congrats! First of all, before visiting venues, I highly recommend that you check that they have all the licenses and building permits. It is especially important since your wedding is so far in the future, you don\'t want the place demolished in the meantime. Check About the catering - don\'t forget you have to come in and do a \"tasting\" and choose what will be served etc. It\'s usually done about a month before the wedding but you can ask to do it earlier. Notice that at some of the venues the catering is part of the deal with the location. As for a wedding cake - since wedding cakes are not a traditional part of an Israeli wedding, they are not usually provided by the catering company (they do provide deserts though). However, you could ask if they can make something especially for you and if not you can always get it as a stand alone. Flowers - are provided by the wedding designer, along with the table center pieces, Huppa design, the aisle and all other bits and bobs (you can ask them to make your bouquet as well). Most venues work with regular vendors for that, but if you don\'t like them, you can bring in someone else. We worked with \"Para Aduma\" and were very pleased (good price too!). Alcohol - very important issue! you usually get only a standard Israel-made alcohol included in the price of the catering. If you want something better - which most people do - you\'ll have to upgrade. You can hire a bar vendor or bring your own additional alcohol. The second option way will save you money, but you may run out of alcohol, may not have exactly what people want and bartenders tend to help themselves to it as well....We used \"Hangover\" and were VERY pleased, but I\'m not sure they work in the north. Check them out. If you need anything else, feel free to leave me a message  
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