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Mor and Michael | השיחה נפתחה  לפני 9 שנים
Thank you all so much!The dress I\'m a buying here since it is much easier for me. We are already married civily in Florida, so we just need the religious ceremony. We spoke to the Rabanut on the phone and they instructed us on their procedures wihch are a PAIN in the ****, however there is no other way around it. I wrote down the names of all the vendors you all reccomended but was wondering if you have their contact information such as phone # and emails. It would be much easier5 for me to locate and get inb touch with them that way, as many of them don\'t have a proper website. Another question I was wondering about is flowers and wedding cake.... how do you go about setting that up? does the cake come from the catering company or do you need to order it as a stand alone? Who did you use for your cake? and as for flowers....which vendors did you use? Thank you soooooooooooooooo much for your help!!! It is helping me get oraized and get ready to set up meetings for my visit in 2 month  ,Best RegardsMor
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Dear Mor