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Mor and Michael | השיחה נפתחה  לפני 9 שנים
Please forgive the English but it will take me hours to write this message in Hebrew since I don't have the fonts on my comnputer and have to use a virtual Hebrew keyboard online to do so. But you can type in Hebrew as it isn't a problem for mew to read We are getting married June 2010 and that is a little over a year from now. However our problem is that we live In Florida and the wedding is in Israel. I only get a chance to come and close down the deals once before the wedding itself this coming up July and have only 2 weeks to do it all in!!!! So I'm a little stress!!!!!!!!!!! haha   :Here is what I need some help and directions with* A place - we would like it to be outdoors and prehaps the party indoors. We are looking around Haifa & Krayot area A photographer*   A DJ*   ?What else do you think is abolutly neccessary for me to handle myself     !!!Thank you for the HELP   Mor
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