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Made in Israel events

תל אביב יפו, ישראל
אזור מתן שירות: כל הארץ
We are event planners who specialize in planning and producing events for people from abroad whom wish to come and celebrate here in Israel.

Whether it’s a wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzva, Anniversary or any other event - we believe that you can have a fabulous event without having to worry about language barriers or negotiating with Israeli vendors.
we will do it all for you! We will get you what you want, and we will do it in style (and on a budget)!

What do we offer:
*Full planning:
We will plan your event from start to finish, according to your dreams and wishes!

*Partial planning:
We will assist with which ever part you need assistance with (venue selection, hiring and managing vendors, provide professional advice etc’).

*Day of event coordinating:
We will do whatever you need so you can get ready for your special day without the headache of coordinating all the vendors and service providers.
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קצת (הרבה) אחריי החתונה שלנו... חייבת לומר שליאור ואלעד היו הבחירה הכי טובה שעשינו. קיבלנו כל כך הרבה מחמאות על האירוע על כמה הכל היה מתוקתק והכל זרם חל...ק! אני הכי ממליצה בעולם. הם ליוו אותנו צמוד בערך מההצעה, והיו סופר קשובים, זמינים, אנרגטיים והשיגו לנו את כל מה שרצינו. יכולתי להיות הכי רגועה בעולם וזה ממש חשוב, בעיקר ביום החתונה. אלעד וליאור – תודה!!!! אוהבים אתכם. הצג עוד  

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אוהבים אתכם!! אושר, עושר, בריאות וכל מה שתרצו!

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When we first started looking for a wedding planner, we were not quite sure we would be able to find a planner that would manage to understand our need...s, as most of our guests were Anglo Saxons and we planned to have our wedding in Israel. We looked for quite a while until we found Lior and Yael- from Made in Israel Events. Right from the start they completely understood us as they specialize in exactly our type of crowd. They knew what we were expecting the wedding to be like and what to suggest to us having this mixed Anglo-Israeli wedding. We were so relieved and so were our parents, knowing we were in the best hands so we had nothing to worry about! The planning process was really fun and stress free. Lior and Yael knew exactly which vendors to match to us both style wise and budget wise! They have a very stylish, modern and young taste and everything is done efficiently and with a lot of energy! Our guests are still talking about our wedding a year later! They cannot stop complementing the venue choice, the food, the party, the design and said our wedding in Israel topped any wedding they have been to in NYC, London or Sydney. If you are looking for an unforgettable experience in the planning process and the wedding itself, Lior and Yael are you best choice! הצג עוד  
תאריך קבלת השירות: 28/12/16
אהבתי: professionalism, fun, attention to details

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We love you guys it was a pleasure!

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