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"first of all, i'm sorry it's not in hebrew, but i'm in..."

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first of all, i'm sorry it's not in hebrew, but i'm in china right nowmoti is a great person. i don't know what to say eccept he is a good manu can see all the way from the first meeting , through the wedding day and untill he gives you all the pictures/albums/dvdit was a pleasure to work with himhe gaves us the best feeling the whole time and the pictures/dvd are amazing הצג עוד  
אהבתי: he helped us to smile the whole day ! he let us be ourselves and you can see it in the pictures !
when we told him we only have 1 week after the wedding before we're moving to china he did everything he could and more that everything will be ready on time although it was almost impossible
לא אהבתי: sorry, but we love everything

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