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"Eran Marom is a great DJ. But he is, more importantly,..."

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Eran Marom is a great DJ. But he is, more importantly, a very fine person. It is this last characteristic that made him such an important part of our wedding. He read the atmosphere perfectly, which was less simple than it sounds, considering that some of the most important guests came from Holland.... We are a Dutch-Israeli couple, and he went out of his way to make our Dutch guests feel at home during the wedding party, even playing Dutch songs at exactly the right moments! His timing was generally spot on, and he kept the party going in a very natural way.

Next to those qualities, he is also a professional. He went out of his way to fulfill some difficult demands - including some inconveniences with the wedding location - never giving us the feeling that we were asking the impossible. We had to arrange everything by phone from Holland, and only got to meet Eran when we arrived in Israel ten days before the wedding. The actual meeting immediately made it obvious that we made the right choice!
5,000 ₪
Worth every shekel.

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