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"We are a couple who lives in NYC and got married in Se..."

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We are a couple who lives in NYC and got married in September 2008 in Israel. We had the pleasure to have Pini Dekel as the DJ in our wedding.

We were introduced to Pini by a friend who’s been in the wedding business for 20+ years. He recommended Pini as the best DJ in the business - des...cribing him as a “fighter” who fights to keep everyone on the dance floor for as long as possible. After this introduction we had high expectations but Pini managed to surpass them. One meeting with Pini was enough for us to decide that he is the one.

What made us so confident? First and foremost, he’s a super nice guy and a very honest person. He is also very laid back and has no ego, working patiently with us to understand our needs and making no assumptions about how the wedding should be. Pini is a true professional who pays attention to every detail in the wedding. He is very receptive and his years of experience in the wedding business helped us when we needed advice on other wedding planning issues we faced.

Most importantly, he is really an AMAZING DJ. The man knows the job. Having worked in radio and with several leading artists, he has vast experience in music in general. He feels the crowd and knows exactly what to play and when, keeping everyone in mind (and that includes your mother’s cousin and your father’s aunt). We had a very diverse crowd, even 20 foreign guests who came from different parts of the world and they wouldn't get off the dance floor. Pini managed to make everyone - young, old, Israeli, American, Asian, Latin... - dance...and dance…and dance…and dance some more. The music brought incredible energy to our wedding and we received great feedback from our guests.

Bottom line, we highly recommend Pini both as a DJ of the highest level, but just as importantly because of his personality and professionalism. Pini will make your wedding the amazing experience that you’re looking for and we guarantee that you will truly enjoy working with him before and during the wedding.

Nothing. Everything was super great

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