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".This was an amazing experience, we came to get marrie..."

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.This was an amazing experience, we came to get married in Israel from the US and we were on a very tight schedule. We did not get a chance to do a tria...l make up but Elinor was recommended to us and was very reassuring. Elinor arrived on the wedding day and the moment she walked in i knew it will be perfect. She was nice polite and very professional. The makeup was perfect and matched my skin tone, my face and was just like i hoped. it was put on gently and accurately and stayed on till the evening with no need of any touch up.. Thank you Thank you Thank you הצג עוד  
אהבתי: I loved the entire experience with Elinor, i could tell she put her heart into her work, and i would highly recommend her to anyone. I really felt during my time with her that nothing else mattered and she put everything on hold to be there on my special day.
לא אהבתי: I loved everything....

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