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"Pashut Tzilum is one of the most professional and trus..."

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Pashut Tzilum is one of the most professional and trusted wedding photography company. Honest, decent and friendly but above all and most important, pro...fessional and affordable.I have followed them for a for the last so many years and was pleased to find out that quality and professionalism is always at their first priority on a worldwide scale.Their calendar is almost always full and I will suggest to get on the phone right now if you wanted to secure them for your event. They will always be taking care of you personally and provide you with the best and most convenience solution for your event.I know the team and although they are all good professionals I would like to emphasis one Photographer in particular, Mr. Ohad Rinhartz, I have known him and his work for years and he is by all means one of the best Israeli photographer out there.Keep on the good work guys!Daniel ZairiTel-AvivLondon, UK הצג עוד  

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