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"Alon did a fantastic job! My wife Noa and I came fro..."

חוות דעת 1 מתוך 411 על אלון משה חי | DJ ALON

100 מתוך 100
חוות הדעת נכתבה לפני 9 שנים
נכתבה חוות דעת אחת מבקר מתחיל
Alon did a fantastic job! My wife Noa and I came from the United States to get married in Israel, and Alon came highly recommended. He was extremely ...knowledable in regards to what songs we should play for our guests, and made sure that any and all songs we wanted were played as well. He read the crowd and knew just when to mix up the playlist to keep everyone dancing. In addition, my mother sang as we walked down the aisle and he worked with her to make sure it went perfect. And it did! To top it all off, he was just a really great guy and it was a pleasure to work with him .
הצג עוד  
אהבתי: Everything!
לא אהבתי: No such thing- it was perfect.
מחיר: 4,000 ₪
הערות לגבי המחיר: The total price was 6700 and included the sound system

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