Me and my new wife got married at Laurens Galley on new years eve. ...

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Me and my new wife got married at Laurens Galley on new years eve. just a few days ago (31st of december 2009).There are so many good things that I would like to say about Laurens Galley and their team that I dont know where to start. To start with I really want to say that they acted extremely professional from the beginning to the the end. They never left any loose ends and made me and my wife feel at ease at all times. I thought that I would be extremely nervous and scared about this event bu thanx to the team I never did. They have truly been better than we could have dreamed about. At first we thought that they were higher priced than other venues, but when we realized that there were no hidden costs, and no surprises, we quickly understood that it was worth every shekel. We got every extra thing we asked for and they were all super so-operative. Everything was excecuted to perfection. I dont know what more to say really, just that we had the perfect wedding and I can say that we missed out on anything.Kim, the designer was AMAZING!!!!! and did a terrific job. Sharon, Itai and all the rest of the team made sure that we had nothing to think about during the wedding, we could just relax and really enjoy the evening. I think that Laurens Gallery is a different place that can give the little extra that no one else can. They have surely given me and my wife an evening that we will never forget and our guests as well. The guests cant stop talking about the fairy tale wedding we had and it is well deserved.I can really really really recommend Laurens Gallery to anyone who wants a different wedding that will be remembered forever. Kindest Regards,Joel
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