We are an international couple-- I am American and my husband is ...

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We are an international couple-- I am American and my husband is Israeli-- and we got married in Tel Aviv. We had about a month to plan the entire wedding and had no idea where to find a good DJ. (We interviewed some pretty strange ones before finding Omri and Zebra.) Our photographer had worked with Omri and recommended him. He is GREAT!! We liked him right away when we met. He's lived in New York and was able to relate to both of us immediately. By the time we left the office we were sure he was our guy. Omri made the wedding what it was. He played exactly the right music for every part of the evening. Best of all, he paid careful attention to our requests. If a friend requested a song on our 'no-play list', he wouldn't play it unless either my husband or I told him directly that it was okay. We had asked him to guard the microphone to prevent spontaneous speeches that would interrupt the evening and he did that, too. He has an incredible ability to sense the mood of the crowd and the moment and adjust the music accordingly before anyone else has even noticed what's happening. Omri is a great guy and a great DJ. We highly recommend him.
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