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"Music is important to me and my husband- we really, re..."

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Music is important to me and my husband- we really, really did not want all those typical, cheap Galgalatz tracks
that you hear at most Even after we met Tommer and he showed us some great, original, fun tracks, even after getting to know him and seeing what a great, professional person he was, I was still a little worried, never know! and music is really important to us! All I want to say is that Tomer not only met our expectations, he went far beyond them. He completely felt the crowd, was sensitive and aware of what people wanted, and kept people dancing until 4am (and this was a small wedding of 250 people!) In the end, we had to tell him to stop...several times! You cannot ask for a better DJ , I trust him 100%  הצג עוד  
אהבתי: how he felt the crowd and knew what people loved and how to flow with it
לא אהבתי: he was 100% perfect from start to finish
הערות לגבי המחיר: through Easywed

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