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"Simply amazing. Talya transformed me from a woman into..."

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Simply amazing. Talya transformed me from a woman into a bride. I came to her with a very, very general idea of what I wanted--not knowing whether or no...t it would even look good on me. Talya took my suggestions, and worked with me to create a dress that was absolutely perfect for me. She sees things that the rest of us cannot--little details which turn a wedding dress into a masterpiece. On top of her skill, she is also a wonderful person to be around--charming, easy-going, and accomodating. In addition, her prices are extremely reasonable, even for me as a university student and new immigrant. I could not have imagined a better wedding dress experience!! הצג עוד  
אהבתי: I especially loved how Talya took the time to get to know me, in order to better understand my unique requirements in my dress--not only do I not have the easiest figure to dress, but I also needed my dress to be slightly more modest than most in the stores here. Talya worked with me to design something that was flattering, comfortable, modest enough, and still beautiful and unique. I felt like a princess, and everyone kept complimenting my dress!
לא אהבתי: Nothing was wrong with my experience.
הערות לגבי המחיר: Talya gave me a wonderful student discount, and also I did not keep the dress.

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