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"Einav Bar is a professional in every sense of the word..."

חוות דעת 1 מתוך 604 על עינב בר מאפרת מקצועית ומעצבת שיער

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Einav Bar is a professional in every sense of the word.I was very pleased with her professionalism from the very first phone call to the very last touch... ups. She set up a consultation with me so that we could throw around ideas and all of her suggestions were very helpful. She took the time to make sure that we had tried the different .hair and makeup looks until I felt confident with the consultation and did not try to rush me out the door
On my wedding day she made me feel very comfortable and completely made me feel at ease. She definitely
delivered as I knew she would and I was very pleased with the final product.
הצג עוד  
אהבתי: I especially liked her preparation list which was very thorough and detailed and gave me a good idea of what to bring and what to expect.
לא אהבתי: Everything was perfect
מחיר: 1,600 ₪
הערות לגבי המחיר: I believe she increased her rate since

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