Words can not describe how thankful I am to Irina and Alex for ...

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Words can not describe how thankful I am to Irina and Alex for making my dream wedding come true! I live in New York, but I have most of my family and friends in Israel since I grew up there. I wanted an outdoor wedding in Israel with a beautiful view and intimate atmosphere for a small amount of people. Since usually wedding in Israel are for big crowds I could not find any place by myself. I asked for assistance from my relative in Israel. Since she knew רבינוביץ הפקות i.e.,  Irina and Alex she contacted them for recommendation and after that everything just went so smoothly. A week after I spoke to my relative, she said that Irina found an amazing place with great food that would host my wedding. The owner knew her so he agreed to give me the place for the small amount of people that I had (around (50-90). Irina also found a great photographer that gave me  a special rate thanks to her. I was really nervous before the wedding because I did not have much details about the place or Irina and Alex’s work and I only came about 2 weeks before the wedding… but all my worries disappeared as soon as I met Irina and Alex. They were simply AMAZING. They listened to what I wanted and gave their recommendation and told me what are the best things that they can do to make my night perfect. The day of the wedding Irina was around me and my mother all the time and supporting us and helping with everything. She made me and the groom calm and guided us all the time. The music, the fireworks and the chufa decoration that they organized and planned was nothing I have ever seen before (and trust me I been in many weddings in the States- which range from 30 to 80 thousands dollars). My entire wedding was very affordable and was my dream come true. All my family and friends can not stop talking about the entertainment and the music that I have. I am watching the video and can not believe it. Rabivoich afakot provided me with a service from the bottom of their hearts without any issues.   Thank you Irina and Alex soooooo much for everything!!! You guys rock!
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