We got married this June at the Ahuza in Moshav Beit Hanan. First let ...

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We got married this June at the Ahuza in Moshav Beit Hanan. First let me say WOW!! When we first went to see the place, it was winter and all covered, and we fell in love with it immediately. In the summer, the place looks even more spectacular! The best way to describe the place is a mix of Tuscany with Israeli Moshav. We were married in June, under the vine huppa, with grapes draping, and in the background was a pink sunset. It was an absolute dream. The place gives an orchard/vineyard look which stunned our guests and made our night so special! We received endless compliments from our guests about the place and the professional service. The staff was friendly, and wonderful during the whole process, and particularly on the wedding night. Everything went perfectly, the catering was amazing and the attention to detail impeccable! Thanks to the Ahuza (particularly Roni and Mai from Taam ve Zeva) and its staff for being so patient, attentive and professional. You made our wedding night the happiest night of our lives, and we miss you already!V&RJune 26, 2011,
לא אהבתי אצל העסק: Well, the price is a bit high, but completely worth every shekel!
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