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"I came all the way from Texas (United States) and was ..."

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I came all the way from Texas (United States) and was thoroughly impressed with everything!!!! Chontelle and Yael were so helpful and adorable! They made sure that EVERYTHING I could have wanted or imagined was done and done right. When I came I only had a few days for them to fit a dress. And when ...I explained to them what I wanted they not only made it happen they went above and beyond and made me a brand new dress! It was to die for! Absolutely gorgeous!! Better than I could have ever dreamt of! Everyone there was so sweet and amazing! Lizi who did my makeup was so professional and it turned out WOW!!!! She is so talented,a real artist!!1 
Thank you to all of you ladies who made my day REALLY amazing ! You are the ones who made it what it was! Thank you for all of your compliments and encouragements! You all are truly one of a kind!!1  
I especially loved how they put so much thought and time into how I met the groom for the first time!1 Also how they helped me get ready I felt like a real princess! 1 I felt like they really cared about each individual bride and their feelings and concerns and that I wasn't just another # passing through! They really tried to make my day special!1
7,500 ₪
Fabulous price for what I received

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