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"The best DJ we could iimagine; Itamar did so much more..."

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100 / 100

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The best DJ we could iimagine; Itamar did so much more than play a few tracks, he really made the weddng for us. From our first meeting with him it was clear how seriously he took his role and he took a long time to explain to us all sorts of things about how wedding work and gave us tips that made ...our wedding better than it otherwise would have been. As for the music, he went to great lengths to understand exactly what we liked, what our friends and families would like and he put it all togetherin a package that made everyone happy and provided a good night for all despite a huge variety in musical tastes and background. עוד  
the time and effort that Itamar put in , working together with us to make our wedding great.
that I never got a phot of the three of us!

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