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"Let me start by saying BEN IS THE MAN. His energy is A..."

חוות דעת 1 מתוך 416 על פיינל דראם | Final Drum

100 / 100

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Let me start by saying BEN IS THE MAN. His energy is AMAZING and I recommend him to every bride out there!!! I have been meaning to write this recommendation since my wedding 11/7/2011 because Ben was the most unbelievable DJ I have ever met! I am telling you, stop wasting your time looking for DJs..., this is the guy for you! I had a small wedding (180) guests and EVERYBODY danced the entire night, I keep on getting compliments to this day! I had the best time, my husband and I did not sit down once!! I am honestly at a loss for words, Ben was amazing !! He was so professional, so sweet, and extremely experienced! I want to have another party just so that I can use him again:) Also, his digital drum set was the coolest bonus to top it all off !!! I am so thankful for Ben making my wedding a really fun and memorable one:) please feel free to Email me at if you have any questions , I will be more than happy to answer:) Thank you Ben for the best wedding ever, I am forever thankful to you!!!!:) עוד  
The best energy, AMAZING song selection, great transitions from song to song , read the crowd so well and kept everybody dancing the entire night !! I have to admit I was a very difficult bride and Ben really understood me and what I needed, I was able to relax and let Ben run the show and let me tell you EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT!! Amazing skills with the digital drum set too!!! In other words, I LOVED EVERYTHING
No such thing

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