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I'm a french woman and i got married in augus..."

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I'm a french woman and i got married in august 2011.
I used the service of Sarah for my wedding at Kidmat Eden and it was simply amazing. Not only the creativity and the advices of Sarah but also the relationship that was created between us.As a professionnal, she was present when i ne...ed even in high stress time .Higly recommended. Oh!! and she also made up my best friend, my mum and my mother in law, who were crazy about her!!

The make up obviously...and by the way, simply resisted all the event, in spite of the kissing and embracing.And Sarah is purely a neshama...:)
800 ₪
Includes the bride, + 3(as I said, my mum, mother in law and my best friend), she did us amazing price.

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