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"לירן dj סופר מקצועי, מתוק, קשוב, חיובי, מוכשר, הרקיד ק..."

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לירן dj סופר מקצועי, מתוק, קשוב, חיובי, מוכשר, הרקיד קטנים וגדולים -- המון תודה על הערב המוצלח
And now to English - sorry i'm french hard to write Hebrew.

We organized our wedding in about 3 weeks with EasyWed. They sent us to 3 DJs and we started by Liran. We were so much impressed by his professionalism, energy and kindness that we immediately decided to cancel the others and keep on with Liran. We had a very productive meeting talking about our guests, ages, preferences, kind of music and in 2 hours that was all set. Good thing in working with someone who is not a kid (not an old guy either :)) is that he is quieter, knows what he is talking about, experienced, organized...
As I would do on Facebook: L-I-K-E!! Thanks Liran
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אהבתי: Well everything -- the preparations, the attention, the energy, the music, the DJ.
We got excellent feedback from our guests
Lot of luck with Yoyo - the design is great :)
לא אהבתי: Nothing, was all fun

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