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"Catom photographers were the perfect choice for our we..."

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Catom photographers were the perfect choice for our wedding! Haim and Eitan run a very professional company, always taking care of every detail. They ca...ptured the sweet moments of us getting ready, then took us on location to beautiful views. They organized family shots, captured every memorable moment of the emotional chuppah, and then stayed for the whole non-stop party. All the while, Catom was right there to capture every natural, spontaneous moment as it occurred, but without us ever feeling like they were really there. The spectacular and creative shots they captured are memories that will last us a lifetime. We had several Canadian English-speaking guests at our wedding, and Catom always demonstrated patience, professionalism, and fun, making the photo experiences comfortable and enjoyable for everyone! They have given us beautiful memories that allow us to revisit one of the most special days in our lives, and for this we will always be grateful. Still, everyone back in Toronto, Canada, who sees our gorgeous photos, unique album, and amazing DVD, always comment on how incredible the photography is! Thank you Catom!!! הצג עוד  

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