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"We got married on May 21st in CASSIOPEIA in Hertezelia..."

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We got married on May 21st in CASSIOPEIA in Hertezelia.
Alon was a great person from the first moment we went to visit him, and to choose the song...s. He does not only give good service but also made us feel like home, and made us feel he cared about what we wanted. In the other hand it was great to be able to send him my colombian music that I liked, and though he does not understand spanish, he reads and feels music and that is more than enough. He reached us greately, reached a party audience and made out of our night, a unique moment to remember and to keep in our hearts. Eternal thanks for a great and talented DJ!

Lina and Shachar
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אהבתי: His smile, that just comes out from a great heart. His high skills for being professional in music.
הערות לגבי המחיר: Worth every shekel, you get the best for what you invest

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