I arrived to the studio all the way from Toronto after trying to find ...

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I arrived to the studio all the way from Toronto after trying to find a wedding dress that would accommodate everything I wanted. I looked for a classic and timeless dress that I would feel comfortable and beautiful in. I contacted Rinat (the amazing designer and owner) via Facebook and she was so kind enough to answer any questions and concerns that I had. When arriving to the studio, I knew this is the right place to get my dress. I was able to look around and touch (not so obvious in Canada) the dresses and Rinat let me feel comfortable by giving me my space to look at the dresses by myself first and then helped me try on some dresses.She is extremely professional and nice. As the dress searching process can be a stressful experience,Rinat made everything very relaxed and was able to suggest dresses style and fit without offending or making me feel uncomfortable about my body.the fabrics used for the dresses are in a very high quality and breathable, which is very important for a summer wedding . the studio is breathtaking and with great energies ! very beautiful place to take pictures on the special day! I SAY YES TO FLORA (RINAT'S ) DRESS!!!!!
לא אהבתי אצל העסק: that the studio is not in Toronto
מחיר: 6500 ₪
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