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"I stayed at the suite with my 2 best friends for my bi..."

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I stayed at the suite with my 2 best friends for my birthday!
Since the first phone call till the minute we left, we recieved the nicest service in the world!! With such a big smile and humanity!!!
The room was huge! We realy liked the design and the fact that it had 2 floors with a kitche...n that included everything we needed!
If its a fridge, a microwave, a toaster or even clean dishes!!
We realy enjoyed breakfast, and the pool was almost private!!
We can only recommend you to go there!! I am certaintly coming back!!!
Uriel- the guy that was in charge of everything- bless u!! Tnx tu u we had a great vacation!!
החדרים נראים בדיוק כמו בתמונה!! מדהים!!
יותר מידי טוב מכדי להיות אמיתי!!

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