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"Naama did my makeup twice before my wedding and after ..."

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100 / 100

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Naama did my makeup twice before my wedding and after the first time, I told her as soon as i get married i am calling her. A year later, i did and I booked her a year in advance for my wedding. Naama was the best decision i made. I trusted Naama with my eyes closed and knew that she would make me l...ook like a beautiful bride.... and she did. She went above and beyond and exceeded all expectations. Her professionalism is above and beyond what anyone could imagine. Two of my friends getting married this year and next year already booked Naama without even having a trial yet. They went by my judgement and her website.
I got married in June 2012 and i knew that it would be very very hot. VERY IMPORTANT GIRLS.... My makeup did not move/smudge/drip!!! I dont know how Naama did it but my make up was PERFECT the entire day and night!
Apart from the amazing make-up Naama did for my wedding, she is one of the most wonderful people i have ever met. She made me feel like a real princess and I cant wait for the next time!

If you are looking for the most amazing make-up artist in Israel, the person is Naama!

I loved everything about her. She made me feel fantastic and look great!!!

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