PlanningWe immediately liked Guy, from the start at our very first ...

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PlanningWe immediately liked Guy, from the start at our very first meeting. At the meeting we could tell he was very professional, not just from the perspective of a DJ, but on all aspects of a wedding. He asked us about what our preferences were in terms of music but also incorporated his suggestions according to the groups of people that would be attending the wedding. He was always in touch with us to give ideas for our entrance songs and anything else we asked him for help on. He even gave us advice on the how the sequence of events at the wedding should take place. The WeddingOMG! Guy was unbelievable. Starting from the kabalat paneem, the chupa to the party itself, Guy read the crowd perfectly playing songs everyone loved. All the tables were empty, people couldn't stop dancing. Our wedding was only 200 people but because of the atmosphere Guy created it felt like double. Even at 2 am when the photographers wanted to wind down the party, Guy didn't care and focused on us and the guests who wanted to keep dancing.We would recommend to any couple getting married to definitely take Guy as their DJ. Guy is not just a great DJ but a great person and friend.
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