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". We found Udi on the internet and immediately underst..."

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100 / 100

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. We found Udi on the internet and immediately understood that we just found THE DJ. On our first meeting with him before the wedding was the chillest, coolest experience ever. After a few songs we both ended up dancing - and we are not exactly party animals.
He put a real effort into understa...nding who we really are and what we really want and he definitely got it. The proof was our wedding night, where at 2 AM people were still up and dancing. Not only a small group of best friends - but many many acquaintances who stayed for the party. Surprisingly enough it really ended up being the best party of our lives. Everybody danced with everybody, there were no boundaries - and the music was simply awesome: we loved it, the guests loved it... I highly-highly-highly recommend Udi! Get in touch with him ASAP if you want your party to be perfect! עוד  
I loved how he made an effort to understand us and our style - and then actually went with it. I can't recall one song I didn't like at my wedding.
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