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"We got married in Yuvalim on September 2012 and chose ..."

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We got married in Yuvalim on September 2012 and chose the Armonia bar for our wedding. It turned out to be an excellent choice: we got excellent customer care and Moran and Lior were open from the first minute for our requests. Beside their very great character and kindness, it was obvious that they... have a great deal of experiences. The bar looked beautiful, the bartenders were kind and polite, they did their job very efficiently, and they were very much part of the wedding and the party. The overall menu was creative and the drinks had perfect quality. Generally we were very satisfied with the entire bar and we highly appreciated the hard work of Moran, Lior and their entire team. We would happily recommend their services to others too. עוד  
There were quite many things we specifically liked about working with the Armonia bar. Already in the preparation phase they had good and creative ideas. On our wedding we very much liked the cocktails they served during the welcome. We absolutely loved the idea of having one bartender, who was only responsible for keeping us, the couple sober  This is not an easy job, still she did it perfectly well: in a very kind and friendly manner, always being there with a glass of water at the right time, but still staying invisible for our guests. We also liked a lot that all the bartenders became parts of our wedding; they enjoyed every moment of it with us – though they were having a tough job and a lot of thirsty people around – still they kept their energy and their big smiles throughout the whole night.
everything was perfect

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