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"Where to begin ? I found Lior via mit4mit, after readi..."

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Where to begin ? I found Lior via mit4mit, after reading the reviews I had to meet him and let me tell you, it was all history from there.
Lior is an ARTIST! His work is absolute perfection! I must say I was not what one would call an 'easy' bride to please but Lior was a pleasure to work with ...from the first moment I met him.
He had patience and understood exactly what look I was going for. Most importantly, Lior is one of those rare people you have the pleasure of working with, he cares about the end result and will do anything to make sure his customer is satisfied.
Basically, anyone working with Lior will tell you it was the best decision they made, I know for me it definitely was.
Also, the hair and makeup lasted all night even after hours of dancing,and jumping.
The sense of assurance he gives. Right away I was at ease with him and I knew I can trust him to make me as beautiful as possible.
Impossible, everything was PERFECT!!
2,000 ₪
Price included extensions ,worth every cent!!

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