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"We are so happy to have chosen the Laurens Gallery for..."

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We are so happy to have chosen the Laurens Gallery for our wedding. It was a truly magical evening!
Weeks later, we keep hearing heartwarming com...pliments from our relatives and friends, whether from Israel or abroad!
The place is so special in itself, but the amazing decoration and flower arrangements made it even more elegant, sophisticated and yet so warm and intimate at the same time.
The bar, the food, the service, everything was as we dreamt it!
The entire team has been very dedicated at all stages. We absolutely recommend it!
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אהבתי: Eldad and Smadar, Efrat, Roy and Keren were always there if we needed.
Beautiful flower arrangements and decoration from sweet Keren
Super reactive team. We were supposed to have our huppa on the roof, but it rained so they changed it last minute for an indoor ceremony...and it looked perfect still!

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