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"The wedding at havat alenby was simply amazing

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The wedding at havat alenby was simply amazing
Everything, from the food, the service, the help and the location came together to make our wedding the perfect wedding.
We had a small wedding that we had to manage from abroad (as we don't live in Israel) and that came with quite a lot of pr...oblems. I will not tell you that the staff there solved every problem I had but they were always willing to help.
On the day of the wedding, Zahi was there, from the beginning till the end, taking care of every little detail with the outmost care and consideration. He even saved a couple of plates for us (which was very sweet) cause he knew we wont have time to eat during the dinner part of the wedding. The places was beautifully arranged, the waters were quite professional and the atmosphere was superb.
Zahi, for doing such a wonderful job.
The appearance of the place- the best place I've seen for a small intimate wedding!!.
that the sound and light system were not included in the price (although this appear to be the case in many places)
280 ₪
after a discount and not including sound&light

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