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"I got to Lenny without a reservation, just by walking ..."

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I got to Lenny without a reservation, just by walking around on Dizengoff. Lenny was very pleasant and sweet, and her dresses were very pretty. I asked her how much the dresses cost, but she said that they only discuss money matters at the end once I've decided on a dress or two. So far so good.
I decided on 2 options, and then sat down with David. I had to fill out a questionnaire, and then he gave me a price for the dress. He tried pressuring me into purchasing it then and there, and offered a large discount if I would do so. This whole interaction with David just felt sleazy, as if I went to shuk hacarmel to buy a dress. It's a shame, but that's the main reason I didn't close on a dress there - he's not the kind of person you would want to deal with.
Lenny was very nice and the dresses were pretty
David's disgusting behavior
12,500 ₪
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