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"Marketa is an incredible makeup and hairstylist. She i..."

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Marketa is an incredible makeup and hairstylist. She is so sweet but most importantly, she is TALENTED beyond words. She is professional and gifted - she can do absolute wonders with the stroke of a brush. I visited Israel on a short trip to do wedding errands (as I live abroad) and I did not have m...uch time to interview makeup artists. When I spoke to Marketa on the phone and she listed all the products that she uses, I knew that my search was over. Marketa uses the best products, but most importantly, she knows how to work with them. She has traveled the world and learned from some of the top makeup and hair stylists in Europe. Both my hair and makeup lasted the entire day and night without budging. It was amazing. In my photographs I look flawless and it was all thanks to Marketa. She is such a pleasure to work with and she really knows how to make a bride feel special and calm on her wedding day. If you don't hire her for your event, you are missing out! There is no better than Marketa. עוד  
1,900 ₪

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