Michal was recommended to me by a friend of a friend. I was looking ...

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Michal was recommended to me by a friend of a friend. I was looking for someone to do my hair and someone to do my makeup. As i am not originally from Israel it was hard for me to know exactly where to look for the exact style i wanted. Michal was recommended for my makeup and Yonotan her husband, was recommended for my hair. After my 1st point of contact with Michal i knew i had found the right person. Her English was so good that i had no problem at all communicating exactly what i wanted for my look for my special day. After my trial with her, i had the utmost confidence that she knew exactly what she was doing. When it came to the actual day of the wedding, Michal came to my hotel room to do my makeup. Not only did she do a fantastic job in making me feel like a princess on my wedding day, but she had this amazing calmness about her that put my wedding jitters at ease. I absalutely LOVED the makeup she did for me, and got so many compliments about how amazing it looked which made me feel even better. I highly recommend Michal for anyone looking for a highly qualified makeup artist who knows exactly how to make any bride feel a million dollars on their wedding day.
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