We approached Ran after hearing a spellbinding set last summer at the ...

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We approached Ran after hearing a spellbinding set last summer at the Yaya. We were desperate to know if he did weddings. However, the first thing we found out is that Ran is one of the most genuine, decent people you are ever going to meet, which for a guy with his talents is remarkable. Not only did he tell us he could play for us, but he had the perfect package for us to construct the exact playlist we wanted for our wedding, knowing all the time he was going to mix it beautifully. This is a guy who knows how to keep a dance floor moving, and we had simply the most incredible night with him playing for us. However, not only were his DJing talents obvious for all to hear during the dancing, but at the reception he played an incredible swing music set, he mixed together our chuppah song using an old instrumental up front, before sliding into a modern version of על עץ תמר.We wanted to have a formal dinner so that people could have a decent conversation (many of our guests were from abroad) so Ran played a collection of classical music as the dinner progressed, before upping the tempo slightly before our "slow."Whatever we write here won't do justice to the incredible contribution Ran made to our special day. Such a great guy, such a great attitude, happy to listen, but bringing his own prodigious talents to the table it was one hell of an experience having someone this good at our wedding. Israelis, Londoners, New Yorkers everyone has told us that he was incredible, and we second that. He put together a truly exceptional all-round performance. You simply won't get better than this! Book him if you can, you will not regret it.
לא אהבתי אצל העסק: Honestly, there is nothing to put here. It was a perfect partnership from when we first met, to when we said goodbye at 4am. What a good lad.
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