We got married in Casiopea on March 21st,2013 and our family and ...

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We got married in Casiopea on March 21st,2013 and our family and guests still haven't stopped raving about how amazing our wedding was.Ill start off by saying that this place is so professional and intimate. From the moment we walked in we felt we were taking seriously and very warmly. Everyone who works there gives their 100 percent effort and dedicates themselves to making the event the best one, whether it was the bar tenders who rocked our guests away or the wedding manager who made sure we have food for our hotel in abundance and did everything to make our night perfect and on time.Needless to say the brazilian bar food is AMAZING . Our guests were so stuffed from great food that it left no room for disatisfaction; food is also served until very late so your guests if they get hungry after main course can grab another steak from the kitchen without you paying more.we couldn't ask more from our wedding hall than what we go also for a very affordable price
לא אהבתי אצל העסק: Nothing to complain about honestly.
מחיר: 250 ₪
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