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"DJ Swed, the one and only from Status DJs made our wed..."

חוות דעת 1 מתוך 97 על Status DJ׳s - DJ Swed

100 / 100

חוות הדעת נכתבה לפני 5 שנים
מבקר מתחיל כתב חוות דעת אחת
DJ Swed, the one and only from Status DJs made our wedding day into a completely unforgettable event!
What started with the elegant Sax player at the reception ended with an amazing party that lasted all night long!
And no- we were not an easy crowd! With a Russian-Israeli bride and a Du...tch groom- you'd think that the different tastes would clash (and so did we) but DJ Swed made each and every song fit with each and every one!
Even though we made sure that the food is unforgettable as well- you only hear of the food if the party wasn't too great- AND WE DIDN'T EVEN HEAR ONE WORD ABOUT THE FOOD!

This is the warmest recommendation of this AMAZING DJ!
The professional and heart warming service was more that everything we expected

חוות הדעת המוצגת להלן הינה אישית ומבוססת על הניסיון והחוויה האישית של המשתמש שכתב אותה.
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