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"Organising a wedding in Israel from abroad was a missi..."

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Organising a wedding in Israel from abroad was a mission - especially considering we would be entertaining guests from all over the world including Engl...and, Israel and the USA.
We knew how important the music would be and so were on the hunt to find the DJ most capable of handling a variety of genres to suit the people and the occasion.
We chose DJ Oved from Paprika...this was the best decision ever! Everyone is still talking about how great the music was. Oved is so talented that he just aced it! We would highly recommend using him! You won't need to worry about what songs to play - he is simply a natural! Our guests are wishing they could go back in time and experience the wedding all over again...this just proved to us how incredible the music was :-) toda Oved! X
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אהבתי: Oved's warm personality, reliability and passion for delivering high quality, fitting music.

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