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"Talya- is AMAZING! My husband and I have only good thi..."

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Talya- is AMAZING! My husband and I have only good things to say about her. From the first meeting we knew for sure that we can rely on this person and she did a great job! First of all we let her decide on the places for shooting. She was very familiar with the area and knew all the perfect spots ...for the perfect photos. Usually we don't like to be photographed and don't feel much confident when somebody's taking pictures of us. But with Talya we felt totally relaxed and comfortable, so we just acted naturally while she took the pictures. We worked like a good team enjoying every moment of the shooting. She also had a lot of fresh ideas for the shots and the photos definitely do not look staged or fake or cliché. So was at the wedding itself. She was 100% dedicated to getting the best shots- even lying on the back on the dance floor for a better angle! None of our guests was forgotten and everyone was happy about our choice of photographer. It was our pleasure working with her. Talya is a wonderful person and a talented photographer. We are so grateful that on the most important day of our lives she was with us and thanks to her we will always have the memories of that day on our beautiful wedding photos.


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