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"Shmulik did a great job photographing our wedding in C..."

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Shmulik did a great job photographing our wedding in Cesarea. He was very organised from the very beginning: consulting with us about which staged shots we wanted done as well as any special requests we might have. His team managed to capture every angle and they stayed with us until the bitter end,... even when most of the guests had already gone home.After the wedding was over, we received the photos really really quickly, and I really appreciated that he sent us both a high and low-res versions so that we could show our friends. The photos were gorgeous and they really captured the mood. I smile every time i see them! Shmulik was also extremely helpful when it came to selecting photos for our album. He provided us with helpful tips and didn't make a fuss when we changed our minds several times. The album is really spectacular. Before working with Shmulik I had never seen a wedding album made in that way. It's so lovely the way he considers the design of the album and creates interesting contrasts between the photos so that it tells the story of the evening. It was also bound beautifully and he was extremely helpful when it came to sending overseas to us.I would happily recommend Shmulik to any one who needs a wedding photographer. He is lovely to work, reliable and extremely talented. We really couldn't have picked a better person to hire.Maya Dagan עוד  

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