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"Alon was the DJ at our wedding at Trask at the Namal T..."

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Alon was the DJ at our wedding at Trask at the Namal Tel Aviv. From the moment we met him he understood us right away. Other DJs would play endless song...s without getting our taste. He talked to us for a few minutes and right away played a song that put us in tears. He knew exactly the music to get our guests off their feet and dancing all night long. The dance floor was filled with people constantly, and Alon knew exactly which song to play, at the exact right time. Our crowd was very mixed (young, old, israeli, american, russian) and Alon knew how to fit the music to make sure everyone has fun, especially us (the bride and groom). He was fantastic and we cannot wait to have another event so that we can party with him more. We highly recommended him to anyone looking to have a great party!!! הצג עוד  
לא אהבתי: That the event ended and we had to stop partying with him.

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