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"Liran Elias was our favorite vendor from our entire we..."

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100 / 100

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Liran Elias was our favorite vendor from our entire wedding!!! Not only is he a great DJ who knows how to read the crowd and make a massive party happen, he is a true professional who attends to all the details - how he presents himself at your wedding, when he communicates and how, what he expects... of the bride/ groom vs. what they can expect from him. We appreciated all the little details - from the text the night before reminding us about our wedding (!!) to the disk he made for us to keep afterwards. עוד  
That he listened to our tastes in music and selections and was able to incorporate our wishes into the music, but also explained when something wouldn't work for the mainstream crowd. I never felt like he was pushing his own music tastes onto us, but was giving us professional advice about what types of music work at what point during the event. He allowed us to choose all the music at our cocktail hour (kabbalat panim) and also tell him what party songs we particularly like (and then actually played all the ones we agreed on at the right time during the night)
nothing, everything was great.
6,700 ₪

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