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"We couldn't be happier in having our wedding day captu..."

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We couldn't be happier in having our wedding day captured by Arthur. He did a phenomenal job documenting our destination wedding in Santorini, Greece. W...e had absolutely NO issues in working with him. Arthur was very accommodating, accessible, reliable and professional. We can’t say enough good things about him (including our wedding guests who still ask about him!). Arthur came highly recommended through a friend and upon seeing her wedding day video, we were sold! I must say, we were on the fence about having the day captured on video, but it ended up being one of the best memories we have of the day. Being able to relive our special day was worth EVERY penny. In addition to being able to share the video with our family and friends who were not able to make the trip to Santorini, we are able to watch this video in the years to come and hopefully share with our future family! Thank you again Arthur! הצג עוד  
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