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"Jael is just an amazing person, a 100% dedicated profe..."

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Jael is just an amazing person, a 100% dedicated professional and a talented artist. She made my wedding day so much more pleasant, being the kind, calm... and patient sweetheart that she is. She is absolutely knowledgeable, flexible, patient. She works with great products (lot's of them), she is super neat, clean, punctual and takes her work and your satisfaction very seriously. She sent me skin- and hair care "guidelines" a month prior to the wedding day to help me avoid "bad hair/skin days" around the big day, she was able to accommodate last minute "hair ideas" I had and did it masterfully! She radiates a calm confidence and degree of experience that makes her an absolute jewel to have around during those stressful pre-wedding hours.I wholeheartedly recommend her ...oh, she speaks perfect English and German, btw. הצג עוד  
תאריך קבלת השירות: 31-12-2014

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