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"Dave was simply lovely to work with. He was focused ye..."

חוות דעת 1 מתוך 49 על דייויד סוויני - Dave Sweeney

100 / 100

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Dave was simply lovely to work with. He was focused yet relaxed and instilled so much confidence that everything would go great. Dave was flexible with our requests and guided us very naturally through the whole photo session and day. At one point when he was with me at hair / makeup, I wasn’t aware... of where he was, but then he started saying something as he popped up from behind his lens. He was both very much present and disappeared in the best way possible. I hope to have a chance to work with him again, and in the meantime highly recommend him to anyone looking for a fantastic photographer who is fun to work with. A wedding day certainly has the potential to be stressful, but when your photographer is not only clicking away awesome pictures but also creating a calm environment, everything just goes smoothly. עוד  
Beautiful photos, easy to work with

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