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"Where do I start!!! ( wedding date: 7/4/14 venue: Alma..."

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Where do I start!!! ( wedding date: 7/4/14 venue: Alma) The photographer was the first thing we closed when we planned our wedding. I didn't care where we were getting married as long as Yaniv was the photographer. From the first moment we got our price estimate and contract from Yaniv's assistant I... thought the price was very reasonable for the Talent we were getting. ( to be honest I don't think he charges enough) we agreed to most of the terms in the contract and set a meeting with Yaniv. He was very sure of himself , which is really reassuring when picking a photographer. He told us exactly what we were getting, he normally doesn't arrive until 14:30 for winter weddings, I asked him if he could accommodate me and meet a bit earlier and he was very accommodating to whatever we needed. We gave him a few places of where we wanted to take pictures and he also came up with extra places of his own, which is something I really liked. His team of assistant photographers and videographers are incredible as well. We had a blast on our special day, his team made our day so much fun, filled with laughter and lots of jokes. I felt so special the entire day because of how much attention Yaniv paid to every little detail. Every special angle was caught and captured in a way that made me look my best. I heard from a lot of people that got married before me, " not all of your pictures will be good" Well when you pick a photographer/talent like Yaniv, even your bad pictures are good pictures. There is no such thing as a bad picture taken. Our album and video were edited and prepared in such a professional manner. I can't thank him and his team enough for capturing my special day in a way, that when i look at my video and pictures i feel like i'm there all over again. I've been married for 10 months and I am proud to say that i watch my wedding video at least twice a month haha :) Yaniv doesn't capture B.S. photo of rollers in your hair while your getting ready or of people eating he captures you and your guests when you look your best.. you want pictures with rollers in your hair tell your bridesmaids to snap a photo with their iphone. I couldn't be happier with my decision for choosing Yaniv to Capture my special day! :p עוד  

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dear adi & avishai My pleasure to meet amazing people like u I had amazing day with you ! Thank you with all my heart yaniv

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