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"Of what felt like endless amounts of wedding venues - ..."

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Of what felt like endless amounts of wedding venues - we had a great feeling walking into the Be'er Shel Saba (or simply "the Be'er" as we in the family... call it) - that really is what this place is, a home and a family. We worked with tens of people at this venue and every single person was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and caring. When we experienced a tragic loss in the family a month before the wedding, the Be'er took it upon themselves to notify all our our vendors to ensure that noone would bother us while we mourned. They also sent a card of condolence to the shiva. Our wedding day was absolutely perfect - we were not stressed or worried about anything because the staff took care of every last detail. Our friends and family are raving about this amazing place and we have friends who want to get married there now :-) Who wouldn't really? It's the BEST and most beautiful place in Israel!!! הצג עוד  
תאריך קבלת השירות: 05/07/15

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