This place nearly ruined my wedding day. From start to finish. First ...

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This place nearly ruined my wedding day. From start to finish. First off, we chose july 30th, but they said that day was taken so we asked for the week before. Nobody bothered to tell us that these are the 9 days of Tisha Be'Av and not only will half of our people not show up, but we also have to get a reformed rabbi. We Only found out 2 months before the wedding. We also ordered a BBQ, and in Tisha Be'Av, you're not even supposed to eat meat. NOBODY EVER SAID A WORD. ANd then they tried to say they thought it was a non jewish wedding, BUT WE ORDERED A HOOPA!! They took advantage of us because were not israeli. They over charged us for 18 waiters and there were maybe 7 of them all with sad faces. Their service was absolutely disgusting. And as the bride, I shouldnt have had the time to notice things, but one thing i DID notice is the feeling they gave me and my guests that they just wanted us to GET THE F**K OUT OF THERE ALREADY!!! That is not right.We paid a lot of money and on top of that by like 11pm, all the tables were completely cleared off and 3/4 of the guests didnt even know there were desserts and coffee. and the waiters kept telling my guests that "Only if you cant get up yourself, they will serve you"?!?!?! what are you there for?! and throughout the wedding, the OWNER came up to my sister in law and told her to come pay! DURING THE WEDDING!!! ANd when the time came to pay, she tried to keep charging us with all these surprise charges! DONT EVER HAVE AN EVENT HERE!!!!! THESE PEOPLE ARE UNPROFESSIONAL AND DONT EVEN CARE ABOUT GOOD BUSINESS!!!!! WORST MISTAKE I MADE FOR MY ENTIRE WEDDING!!
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